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Q & A: Running effort on a moving train

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Most recent answer: 07/12/2008
If I am on a train that is moving at say 10 mph, is it easier to run from the front of the train to the back, or from the back of the train to the front?
- Dennis Gournic, teacher
Littleton, CO, USA
Hi Dennis,

If the train is moving at a uniform speed on level ground then there would be no difference in the front to back and  back to front efforts.   If the train is going up-hill, again at a uniform speed, it would be harder from back to front.   Just like running uphill.


This assumes of course that the cars are sealed from the wind, like ordinary passenger cars. If it was on open flat-cars, it would be easier to run toward the back. Mike W.

(published on 07/12/2008)

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