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Q & A: Proton-proton colliders are very expensive

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Most recent answer: 06/29/2008
Would it be possible to create a proton to proton accelerator, collider and detector with a budget of 100-1000 NZ dollars. If possible please advise on how as I am very interested in the matter and beleive that creating one and doing experiments could be a very enjoyable experiance. Many thanks, Greg
- Greg (age 13)
Nelson, New Zealand
Dear Greg,
Greetings to you in New Zealand.   I was there just last March and enjoyed visiting the old University of Canterbury in Christchurch where the Nobel prize winner in physics Ernest Rutherford studied. I was pleased to see that his picture now graces the New Zealand 100 dollar bill.  Canterbury, as well as the University of Aukland, have fine physics departments and are active in high enery projects at CERN and other laboratories.  I encourage you to study physics and mathematics like your fellow Kiwi, Rutherford. It's lots of fun.  Here is a web site describing some of the high energy projects that New Zealand is associated with:

Now, as to building a proton-proton collider for a few hundred NZ dollars, it's not very likely.  These things are so expensive that it takes several nations to chip in sufficient money to pay for them.  So my advice is for you to get acquainted with your nearest physics department and learn as much as you can.


(published on 06/29/2008)

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