Gravity on our Moon and on Jupiter

Most recent answer: 12/30/2015

Hello, I am writing a children's book about Physics and I have a general question about gravity. Since Jupiter has a larger mass, it has more of a gravitational pull than the Earth does, and for the same reason, the moon has less of a gravitational pull. Therefore, on the moon, you would be able to move with better agility, with less of a force holding you back, while you would merely trudge slowly on Jupiter. Is this correct?
- Monica (age 42)

Yes, the astronauts on the Moon could hop about quite a bit, despite their cumbersome suits, because of the weaker gravity. On Jupiter the gravity is much stronger, so just standing up would be like doing major weightlifting- if there were someplace to stand where a person could survive. There isn't. Here's a nice description of the odd world of hot dense materials around Jupiter's solid core:

Mike W.

(published on 12/30/2015)