What are the Parts of Proton,neutron and Electron?

Most recent answer: 05/12/2015

If everything is made of atom, then atom has three parts proton,neutron and electron so therefore an atom is made of proton neutron and electron? what are the parts of proton,neutron and electron?
- dominique enriquez (age 15)

Hello Dominique,

According to the latest theories, protons and neutrons are made of quarks and gluons..  Quarks are spin 1/2 particles. Gluons are spin zero carriers of the so-called 'Strong Force', the force that binds neutrons and protons inside the nucleus.  See for more details.

The electron, on the other hand, is an entity itself.  It is a member of a family of fundamental particles called leptons.  The electron does have an electric charge and is attracted to positive objects such as a proton to form a hydrogen atom.  See for more details. 


(published on 05/12/2015)