Quantum Locking and Perpetual Motion?

Most recent answer: 05/05/2015

Does quantum locking use perpetual motion once spun in the locked space? If so, is it possible to use the perpetual motion from quantum locking, developing some sort of self sustaining electromagnetic generator?Or would the whole quantum locking process mess with the magnetic field?
- Joshua (age 24)
Petaluma, CA, USA

No, there's nothing about quantum locking that in any way violates the basic laws of thermodynamics. Those tell us there are no perpetual motion machines. In fact, quantum locking doesn't even allow frictionless spinning, although you no doubt have seen the beautiful videos showing that friction is very low. The locking comes from magnetic vortices (tubes of magnetic field) penetrating the superconductor. Any motion of those vortices relative to the superconductor can dissipate a little energy, just like any other friction.

Mike W.

(published on 05/05/2015)