Where is the Center of the Universe?

Most recent answer: 11/21/2014

Has anyone traced back the origin location of the universe based upon the vectors of known bodies? As I figure, we must be close to the location of the source due to everything heading away from us. Of course local bodies exempt. Thanks
- John Huebner (age 55)
Jasper, IN, U.S.

Hi John,

You figured right, John.    It's right here in River City.   As you point out, all the galaxies we can see seem to be receding away from us.   But as far as we can tell the universe appears to be homogenous and uniform in all directions.  So that means if someone in a far and distant galaxy were to make the same measurement he would come to the same conclusion- everything is expanding out from him.  That's the answer in an infinite and expanding universe.   For more discussion on this issue type "expanding universe" into the Q and A search box.



(published on 11/21/2014)

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