A Medical Question on M.S.

Most recent answer: 06/01/2014

Hi there, I have an unusual question for anyone interested, I have M.S. and my husband has just been diagnosed with M.S. Could there be some connection? i.e electromagnetic field? Thanking you in advance Laura
- Laura Devitt (age 49)
Co. Louth, Ireland

We don't know much of anything about medicine here. But several of my friends have M.S. so this question motivated looking for information. 

So far as we know, there's no reason to think that M.S. or other auto-immune diseases are triggered by electromagnetic fields. A paper from the National Institutes of Health:   suggests the possibility that viral infections could in some cases help trigger M.S. Repeated searches for clusters of M.S. cases, however, have turned up nothing clear () so there's no obvious evidence of an infectious agent.

So if I had to guess, it would just be that it's an accident. E-M fields are very unlikely to be involved.

Mike W.

(published on 06/01/2014)