Better Helmet?

Most recent answer: 10/24/2017

I designed a sports helmet, for multiple sports. I have used gel capsules (1 1/4" diameter and 3/4" think) throughout the helmet to provide protection and cooling of players. My thought is gel capsules will dispurses the energy from a hit, much better than current foam. Like bullet in water, water knocks out the kenetic energy in short order. Am I correct on my thought? Thanks- Bob
- Bob Harty (age 63)
Sycamore, IL

That's the sort of tough engineering question that would require real-world tests. One important note of caution on helmets is thatshielding from the very short-time components of the acceleration doesn't help much with the lower-frequency components. It sseems that general sloshing of the brain is a bigger problem than people had thought.

Mike W.

(published on 10/24/2017)