Gravity and Superconductivity

Most recent answer: 02/04/2014

Hi, i'm syed and i'm a student just doing my higher studies ...well i have some doubts related to superconductivity... MY QUESTION: does the state of superconductivity of a material depends only on temperature ?? what is the effect of gravity on a superconducting material at this situation what may be the changes can occur in the resistivity (or conductivity of that material)??

Superconductivity depends not only on temperature but also strongly on magnetic field. The standard types of superconductivity cannot exist in strong magnetic fields.

Gravitational fields by themselves are not important, since the equivalence principle says they have no effect on any local physical phenomenon. When combined with some other forces, say the supporting force from a table, they do have an indirect effect. Under ordinary circumstances such effects on superconductors are too small to notice. I suppose on a neutron star that wouldn't be true.

Mike W.

(published on 02/04/2014)