Is the Universe an Isolated System?

Most recent answer: 12/31/2013

Is Universe an isolated system? If it is than why does some scientist say that its possible that other baby universes might be budding inside the black holes & i think because of this our own universe will no longer be isolated coz some energy might be losed in making other?
- Swarit Sharma (age 16)
Rampur Bushahr, Himachal Pradesh, India

We don't know for sure if our universe is an isolated system. Your idea about how it might not be is reasonable. Susskind and Bousso () have recently argued that the need for our universe to have horizons is important to understand quantum decoherence, i.e, how any sort of familiar classical world can emerge from quantum ingredients. I have no idea if that's right.

Mike W.

(published on 12/31/2013)

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