Floor of a Baby Room and a Hospital?

Most recent answer: 10/22/2007

what is the best type of the floor surface for a baby room and a hospital? thanks
- nono (age 17)
Well, that depends on what you are interested in optimizing.

For a hospital, I vote for something hard and nonporous. That way you can clean it easily with strong chemical cleaners which can kill bacteria and viruses easily, and wipe them clean and not have to worry about residues. Most health-care settings I’ve seen have some kind of hard tile floors. Disadvantages of ceramic tile floors are that they crack easily and glass objects usually shatter when dropped on them (I had a kitchen once with ceramic tile floors -- everything broke when dropped). My office has some kind of linoleum on the floor which is a bit more forgiving than ceramic tile -- I can drop my mug and sometimes it might survive, and it is very easy to wipe clean.

As for a baby room at home, the non-ceramic tile idea has the same sanitation appeal as the hospital floor, but there is the additional concern that a baby might climb out of its crib and fall on the floor. A carpeted floor is much more forgiving than a tile floor, and as long as you keep it clean it should be fine for a baby room.


(published on 10/22/2007)