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what would happen to induced voltage if you used a bigger magnet
- peter wallace (age 14)
scotland glasgow
Heya Peter:

As you already know, Electricity and Magnetism are related. Specifically, a constantly changing Magnetic field B (like
moving a magnets back and worth inside a coil of wire) will produce an Electic field E. This is called Faraday’s Law.
(for those mathmatically inclinded, the curl of E equals the negative time derivative of B). This Electric field leads to a voltage in a wire which produces a current.
If you use a bigger magnet, then you have a larger Magnetic field and more voltage. However, you can also move the magnet faster to get more Electric field. In commerical generators, they use several large magnets which are fixed but have a rapidly rotating coil of wire in the center. This allows these generators to produce the electricity needed for many homes and businesses.


(published on 10/22/2007)