Are Photons Charged?

Most recent answer: 04/28/2013

Sir, maxwell said that when a charge particle accelerate an electromagnetic waves or radiation is formed. ''therefor a photon must be a charged particle?"because it is a wave particle of electromagnetic radiatio.but photon is a neutral particle. Please explain.
- deepanshu (age 17)
It's true the EM radiation comes from accelerating charges and interacts with any charged particles.  That doesn't mean that EM radiation is charged. So the EM waves aren't charged, and that's completely consistent with Maxwell's equations.

Mike W.

(published on 04/28/2013)

Follow-Up #1: photons and charge

we have studied that any electromagnetic wave is formed of photons .. and photons aren't charged .. and in the same time , we have studied that the electromagnetic wave is formed by the vibrations of electric and magnetic fields.. so, how is that and the photons aren't charged ?!!! those two fields came from what ?!!!
- moatasem farid (age 18)
kafr el sheikh , kafr el sheikh , egypt
Your question has much in common with one we answered recently. Let us know if its short answer is enough, or if you would like some follow-up.

Mike W.

(published on 05/13/2013)

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