An Alternate Cosmology

Most recent answer: 02/14/2013

Hindsight being 20/20 you would think people believing the Earth was flat would look up & see everything in the sky is round & so we must be. Now days we look up & everything we see, in some way is orbiting. Is it possible that the big bang & in fact dark matter & energy are incorrect and the galaxies are not moving away from each other but orbiting a "universal black hole? They would move faster the further away as they would be closer to the source of gravity. I have a lot more on this idea if it turns out that it is possible. Thank you!
- Jonathan Chesnutt (age 40)
Minneapolis, MN, USA
No, that wouldn't come close to giving any of the features we find in cosmology. Orbiting keeps all the distances about constant, so it can't reproduce the growing cosmological distance. Of course it also can't reduce the increase in the growth rate of those distances. So it doesn't help at all with the dark energy problem. Large-scale rotation would give cosmic Coriolus forces, which aren't observed.

On a smaller scale, thing like galaxies and clusters do certainly rotate. The rotation rates and how they depend on the distances from the centers require some sort of dark matter to give the missing gravity,

Mike W.

(published on 02/14/2013)

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