UV Danger to Eyes

Most recent answer: 12/15/2012

Dear Physicist, I would like to make a question about UV radiation. I am interested to know about how UV-A light travels in a room. My exact question is: If I am, for ex., in a restaurant where there are ultraviolet fly traps (the name of the brand is Luralite), and these fly killers with bulbs emitting UV-A rays are set up on the wall, but above my head, am I protected from UV radiation or not? It would be very important to know that for me, since I have had a laser eye surgery (PRK). So now, my eye needs to be extremely protected from UV radiations for a year. Thanks in advance for your kind help which of course you give me without any responsibility on your part! Best regards Richard
- Anon (age 38)
It's very hard for us to give an answer here, since we aren't medical doctors and also we don't know quite what the UV output level of that light is. Your concern, however, sounds very reasonable.

Here's a website with more information on UV light and safety issues:

If I were you I'd were some sort of protective goggles until finding out if the levels are safe. Fortunately, it's easy to find UV-protective materials, including inexpensive sunglasses. These may look odd indoors, but that's better than risking your eyesight.  Maybe your doctor could give some specific advice.

Mike W.

(published on 12/15/2012)