Life Without the Moon?

Most recent answer: 06/20/2012

I was just wondering ...could we live without the moon? Also what would happen to the Earth if there were no tides affected by the moon? And if we didnt have a moon how would this increase global warming?
- Lujain (age 13)
Saudi Arabia
Hello Lujain,

I'm sure there would be life on earth without the moon.   It might be a little different because the moon does affect certain biological processes.  The night sky wouldn't be as interesting or romantic but I'm sure the poets could find something else to write about.
By the way, there would still be tides although only about as third as much.  This is due to the sun's gravitational pull.  Although the sun is much more massive than the moon, it is much farther away.


p.s. I can't see any particular reason why the moon would have much effect on global warming.  Mike W.

(published on 06/20/2012)

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