Ceramic Glass Cooktops

Most recent answer: 12/08/2011

Some new cooktops are made of ceramic glass. As this is heated in the cooking process, is there any possibility that gases from the material used are released? Since manufacturers use many additives to the glass and chemicals for processing, I am curious to know the answer, especially since some companies are marketing these cooktops to be used as a griddle surface coming in direct contact with the food.
- Denise (age 48)
Topeka KS USA
From what I read on a quick glance, it seems that these cooktops are made from ceramic glasses similar to those used in some traditional Corningware. I'd be very surprised if there were any significant dangers associated with them. The ceramics themselves are processed at high temperatures, so you'd guess that mere cooking temperatures would release very little.  Consumer Reports ratings of stoves have never, so far as I can remember, mentioned any toxicity problems with these ceramics at all.

There are of course dangers from some ceramics, in particular lead-based glazes illegally used on some plates and cups. Nevertheless, despite being a nervous person, I would put any worries about ceramic cooktops far on the back burner, so to speak.

Mike W.

(published on 12/08/2011)