There Is Only One Type of Magnetic Field

Most recent answer: 11/26/2017

Hi , my question is about types of magnetic field . Are there different types or only different strengths? Is the magnetic field close to a weak magnet the same as the magnetic field further away from a strong magnet? And do two magnets of the same strength have the same fields regardless of whether they are neodynium or ferrite or electro?ThanksOli
- Oliver Senior (age 65)
LL462UA Wales


Although there are several ways to make a magnetic field:
Run a current through a wire.
Magnetize a piece of iron.
Create a time-varying electric field.
They all produce the same "type" of magnetic field.  That is, unless you look at the source, there is no way to tell them apart.

As you move farther from the source, the field becomes weaker.  Again, unless you look, you cannot tell if you are close to a weak source or far from a strong source.







(published on 11/26/2017)