Origin of Universe?

Most recent answer: 05/11/2010

Hello. I want to ask, does Science explain everything that happen in this world? I mean, does Science also explain 'who' created this world and universe? I only wondering.
- Def (age 14)
Sabah, Malaysia
The other question this morning was about go-kart lights. So this one requires a change of gears.

The origin of the world from material left over from earlier stars is pretty well understood.

Currently we can only trace the history of our universe back to a tiny fraction of a second after a "Big Bang"- some event that left an extremely hot, dense, uniform universe. There are active theoretical and observational attempts to go farther, even maybe to understand a history of some broader space-time including the Big Bang.

Nothing in science, however, addresses the question of why there is some existence as opposed to nothing whatever. It is not clear that that question needs to be addressed.

Sorry I couldn't think of anything more helpful.

Mike W.

(published on 05/11/2010)

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