No Magnetic Monopoles

Most recent answer: 03/16/2009

Is it possible to make a magnet which only has south or north? If isn't possibe, why? If it is possible, why?
- Jame (age 23)
Manchestar, England
Nope.  There is no such thing.  There is no good reason why.  If you saw a bar magnet in half you get two little bar magnets.  What is strange is that magnetic monopoles are easily incorporated into Maxwell's equations (the basic rules for electricity and magnetism) and everybody would be happy.    Many physicists have searched for them, including looking at rocks retrieved from the Moon.  No luck.
We have absolutely no clue to their absence.
Take a look at  for some information.


I've heard a rumor that monopoles were common in the very earliest stages of the universe, but their number was essentially fixed before the (suspected) rapid cosmic inflation of space. As a result they would be extremely dilute now.  We'll update this as we get more informed by our more theoretical colleagues. Mike W.

(published on 03/16/2009)

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