Absorption of Short Light Pulses

Most recent answer: 09/09/2017

Will 1THz repetition rate ultrashort pulses (a train of pulses) resonate the molecules which are with its resonant frequency of 1THz? I understand that direct the electromagnetic radiation (em) which frequency is same with the material's resonant frequency will result in energy absorption. But how about for the case of direct the ultrashort optical pulses which repetition rate (eg: 1THz) to the material which has the resonant frequency of 1THz? will the ultrashort pulss train will get absorb as same as for the case with continuous em radiation? Kindly enlighten me with some articles or experimental reference source. Thanks
- Jacky (age 27)

To make such short pulses, you need to have waves at higher frequency than the pulse rate. So breaking the wave into different frequency components, there would be very little of components near the resonant frequency. So the absorption would be low.

Mike W.

(published on 09/09/2017)

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