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Q & A: What if I travel faster than light?

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Most recent answer: 07/08/2015
I understand that moving at or beyond the speed of light is impossible by our current understanding of physics, but for a moment imagine we can. If I where standing near a window looking out of a ship moving through space beyond the speed of light, what would I see looking out?
- Angelo Geruso (age 22)

Hi Angelo,

As you suggest, your question is not answerable in terms of current understanding of physical laws..  As to the results, your guess is as good as mine . However, you can make the following analogy: 

Suppose you are traveling in an SST faster than the speed of sound and you look out the window and see someone mouthing the words "Hi There".   Would you hear it?    I suspect not.


(published on 07/08/2015)

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