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Q & A: The speed of human thought at high speeds

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Most recent answer: 02/20/2014
How The speed of human thought process would be affected if human is time travelling. If person travels at speed slight less than speed of light his biological clock would be slowed down drastically but can he comprehend that "what is going on"? or his thought process would reduce as well.If Human thought process does not reduce we can not say speed of biological clock is reduced as his brain will be consuming same amount of energy as before.
- Milan Shah (age 21)

Hello Milan,

When someone is traveling at a high speed with respect to others, according to him his wrist watch is keeping good time and his thought processes proceed normally.  However a stationary person will perceive that the traveler's watch is running either fast or slow depending on whether the traveler is coming or going. 



(published on 02/20/2014)

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