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Q & A: Eclipse of the sun in Brisbane Austrailia

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Most recent answer: 11/16/2012
Hi, During the partial solar eclipse in Brisbane Australia on 14th Nov 2012. I took a few photos of the sun at around 0700 hr. using my phone camera. The pictures turned out to be very nice & focused BUT to my amazement all of them have a 'crescent' (moon shape) directly under the end of the sun ray. I searched but could not find any answers. Any chance that I could send you the photos & you could offer some help ? Thanks Alan
- Anonymous
If you were actually in or near Brisbane then the eclipse of 12 November 2012 was not quite total.  If you wanted to see totality you would have had to travel up to Cairns or even a bit further.   I suspect your 'crescent' was due to the non-totality.
Here is a website that might interest you:


(published on 11/16/2012)

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