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Q & A: What is the study of hydraulics

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Most recent answer: 11/05/2010
what is hydraulics? i know it's something 2 do with liquid, but what exactly is it?
- Anonymous
Hydraulics is a subject matter in engineering and applied sciences. As you said it deals with liquids but more exactly it concerns the mechanical properties of liquids, i.e. how they move, resist movement, act when subject to pressure, etc. One example of the use of hydraulics can be seen in heavy machinery such as a construction vehicle like an excavator. An excavator uses a hydraulic fluid that is transmitted through small pipes and hoses throughout the machine and powers the digging mechanism of the machine. Some of the topics covered by hydraulics are liquid flow through pipes, the design of dams, design of pumps (you might have one of these where you live, if you have a basement it is likely there is a sump pump that keeps your basement from flooding). Hydraulics also covers liquids being used for creating, maintaining and transmitting power through the use of pressurized liquids. Wikipedia has a great page that goes into more depth if you wish to know more, you can find it here, Hope that helps! -Zach

(published on 11/05/2010)

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