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Q & A: Life supporting planets in the solar system?

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Most recent answer: 10/07/2010
is there another other planets/moons/dwaves in our solar system that can support life
- Justin (age 13)
Hi Justin,
In our solar system the only good candidate is the Earth.   Mercury, being close to the sun, is too hot. Venus is pretty warm and might support life in some form or other but we really don't know since we haven't explored Venus with robotic missions yet.  Earth, of course is just right. Mars could potentially have some sort of bacterial life but all of our robotic missions have yet to find any evidence of hydro-carbons in the soil.  The outer planets are too cold, however, there has been speculation that some form of life might exist on Europa, one of Jupiter's  moons.  Stay tuned. 


(published on 10/07/2010)

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