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Q & A: Floors and bouncing balls

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Most recent answer: 11/18/2007
does the type of floor have an effect on how the ball bounces
- Hayley (age 15)
omaha NE usa
The height of a bouncing ball depends on both the kind of floor as well as the type of ball.  The resiliency of balls range from great (superball) to medium (tennis ball) to fair (basket ball) to poor (beach ball).  The resiliency has to do with the amount of energy loss when the ball is compressed a bit and then decompressed.     Same thing with floors.  Concrete and trampolines have the ability to absorb energy and then give it back to the ball.  Things like soft dirt, rugs, and sand surfaces absorb the energy and don't give it back.


(published on 11/18/2007)

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