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Q & A: What makes a good project?

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Most recent answer: 10/22/2007
would testing a persons hearing from 10 m. and through walls be a good science fair project.
- anthony pasalacqua (age 13)
herkimer high, herkimer,new york, u.s.a.
Anthony -

As long as it's a question that you're wondering about the answer for, just about anything can be a good project. It's even better if your project involves a lot of different things for you to think about, like this one does. For example, the project you described involves a lot of different aspects of science - like the biology of how people hear, the physics of how sound travels, and the engineering that is used to build different kinds of walls.

When you do any experiment, it's important that you keep everything the same except for one aspect (called the 'variable'). For example, you could use the same wall, the same sound, and the same distance, but do it with different people. Or, you could keep everything the same except for changing the sound. Perhaps people can hear lower or higher pitches through the wall better or worse. Or you could try keeping everything the same except to do it across different types of walls - like the inside vs. outside walls of a house, or the walls of your parents' car.

Try thinking about it a little bit. There's lots of cool things that you can do with it. Just pick the ones that you think are the most interesting. And good luck!


(published on 10/22/2007)

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