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Q & A: What is a stroboscope?

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Most recent answer: 10/22/2007
I have a project for a levels and I need ample information of strobocope. How it works... What’s inside... It’s theory... anything thanks a lot
- Donald (age 19)
de la salle college, malta
Donald,As you know, a stroboscope is a special kind of light that flashes in a very regular way. Each flash of the strobe light is the result of an electrical discharge (sort of like a spark) traveling through the special gas contained in the strobe "flash bulb". The way this works is very similar to the way neon lights work...the electrical current flowing through the gas causes it to emit light. The main difference is that in a flash bulb the discharge happens very quickly, lasting only a tiny fraction of a second.The main parts of a stroboscope are the actual flash bulb filled with the proper gas (Xenon or Krypton), and the electronics to send a high voltage pulse to the bulb at regular intervals. Several hundred volts is required, and this is usually obtained with a ting oscillator circuit. (If you have an older electronic flash for your camera you can often hear it whining as it gets ready to flash...this is the sound of the oscillator used to charge a capacitor to a high enough voltage to cause the bulb to flash).I'm not sure of how much detail you want...

I found a pretty good web-site that you should check out:


(published on 10/22/2007)

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