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Q & A: Dangerous

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Most recent answer: 03/16/2016
I want to use Marbles to create Steam in my Home Oven. Heating to 400 to 525 Degrees. Putting them into a Cast Iron Pot and when I reach my desired Temperature then Pour Boiling Hot water over them to create Steam for Bread. Can I do this Safely.
- Mark (age 68)
Greenacres, Fl. USA

This sounds very dangerous.    I worry that the marbles might crack violently and shower you with broken glass when suddenly cooled from 500 degrees to 212.   I also worry about the sudden steam explosion hitting you in the face as you poured.

I do something similar sometimes when I bake bread.  But without the marbles!  And I put the water in before heating the oven.  And I use a small amount of water.     It doesn't take much water to fill an oven with steam.

(published on 03/16/2016)

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