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Q & A: gravity waves and simple gravity

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Most recent answer: 03/01/2016
Respected sir/madam,My question about recently success to find the gravitational wave by LIGO team.Sir ig we predict a earth get his gravity from a very energetic black holes,then why if is isn't move any where because what ever substance come to contact with wave it should be move rather it constantly move their path and another thing if all space cover with gravitational wave then why astronauts fell weight less. And that space sheet what we consider as a fabric all around then how moon constantly rotated in their motion ,okay a some point we agreed that it was for earth circular what earth possesses their circlar line and where thet giant energy come to moon it help to rotate around the earth like we joint the moon with earth in a invisible rope.Plz sir help me to clear the puzzles regarding earth.
- Asutosh Sahu (age 26)

Those gravity waves are extremely weak. They play almost no role in ordinary events. They're almost impossible to detect.

The gravity that plays a big role in our lives is static gravity, not waves. Whenever you fall freely with no force except gravity acting on you, you feel weightless because every particle in your body falls in exactly the same way. The distances between them don't change, and no nerve signals or other physical events get triggered. Galileo discovered the basic fact that everything falls in exactly the same way, and EInstein developed it into a more general principle.

Whether you treat gravity as a force, as Newton did, or more precisely as a spacetime distortion, as Einstein did, you get that elliptical orbits are just what happens when two massive spheres are nearby. Perhaps you could clarify what's puzzling you about that.

Mike W.

(published on 03/01/2016)

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