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Q & A: Weight of a truck on a hill

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Most recent answer: 06/28/2015
Good Morning, Need this question answered in a hurry. I drive a 18 wheeler. My question is- If my truck is loaded and total weight of the truck and trailer is 79,900 lbs, and I am parked on a road with a slight degree of a incline. Enough that you have to apply the brakes from rolling backwards. Because of the slight incline of the road, can the applied pressure of the weight against the brakes add weight? Because the brakes are adding pressure? I was told this may be true. I have received a ticket saying that one of my azles was over weight. I may have to pay a stiff fine for this. I don't have that kind of money. Please let me know anything you find!! Thank you very very much!!!Michael
- Michael Ray (age 53)
Lorena, Texas, USA

Sorry Michael but you don't have a  case.   If anything, the measured weight would be very slightly less.


(published on 06/28/2015)

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