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Q & A: Neutron-proton attraction

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Most recent answer: 05/09/2015
we know that neutron inside the nucleus is neutral in nature but according to the theory of charge by induction it is clear that a when an uncharged body is brought near a charged body without physical contact then the uncharged body acquire same amount of opposite charge. then why neutron which is closely place near proton is neutral but it should have negative charge acc to the law
- Janmejai Sharma (age 17)
Agra, Uttar Pardesh, India

There is an attractive force between a neutron and proton due to the exchange of virtual gluons.  It has a short range but is an extremely strong force and can bind them together in the form of deuterium. 

I think you have a misconception about the charging of an uncharged body.  The uncharged body can have a dipole moment induced by the charged body, but not a net charge.  However if you can somehow discharge one side of the dipole moment then you can be left with a net charge but that doesn't occur in a proton-neutron interaction.    Take a look at this illustrated explanation of the process for an explanation:


(published on 05/09/2015)

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