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Q & A: light, mass, and gravity

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Most recent answer: 04/23/2015
Im in 8th grade and my science teacher told the class that energy, like light, has no mass and is weightless. I don't doubt that it's true but I'm confused that if light has no mass, then how is it affected by gravity? For example, something like gravitational lensing or light being bent by a black hole.
- Carter (age 14)
North Olmsted, ohio, U.S.

It's great that you're wondering about how those things fit together. We've addressed that very same interesting question several times.

This link pretty much sums it up:  .

You can find more by typing "light mass gravity" into our search engine.

Perhaps you can share the information with the teacher and the class.

Mike W.

(published on 04/23/2015)

Follow-up on this answer.