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Q & A: perpetual baloney power

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Most recent answer: 01/22/2015
They asked about the motor not the definition of perpetual motion or energy and if it exists. I am not educated but I could give a better answer and better links to the actual question.
- rick west (age 28)

Yes, that site is just as bad as you surmised. It totally ignores the basic laws of thermodynamics.

They've done a simulation of a rotor spinning in a magnetic potential, with the simulation by mathematical construction lacking any sort of real-world friction mechanism. Even the energy dissipation effects of electromagnetic radiation are omitted, although the author is aware of them. Not surprisingly, when the simulated rotor is given a simulated twirl, it keeps on simulated spinning forever. The author notes that if the number of magnets around the rotor matched the number on the rotor, this didn't happen. That's because the potential wells for that magnetic interaction would be very deep, so the rotor would just rock back and forth within a well, unless given a much harder simulated twirl. 

At any rate, even in this imaginary world, the rotor doesn't produce an energy, just keeps the energy it's given.

What makes the site particularly hilarious are the warnings

"8)  The rotating magnets would cause huge EMF.  It might be picked up by “authorities” as radio emission.  Therefore, do the test inside a Faraday cage or out in the country far away from everything and then quickly and leave.  The magnetic EMF might also have health issue concerns…so…might not want to get too near.  It might also look like an EMP weapon…or, be an EMP weapon.  It would create a ridiculously huge rotating vortex of magnetic energy flowing out along the axis when spinning at a few thousand RPM…"

The image of somebody setting up this worthless rotor, hiding it in a cage out in the country, then spinning it and running away before the authorities find out is priceless.

Mike W.

posted without vetting until Lee returns

(published on 01/22/2015)

Follow-up on this answer.