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Q & A: What is NASA doing?

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Most recent answer: 01/12/2015
I know that NASA closed down, will it open again?
- Paul (age 8)

Don't worry, Paul... NASA isn't closed.

Maybe what you heard is that they don't launch Space Shuttles anymore. That's true. Right now, NASA astronauts travel back and forth to the International Space Station in Russian spaceships called Soyuz. NASA also hired space companies like SpaceX and Orbital to bring food, water, and science experiments to the space station. People are still figuring out the best way to explore space in the future. It might involve government agencies (like NASA) and space companies working together. Different countries around the world may work together more, too.

The Space Shuttle program is over, but NASA is working on a new manned spaceship called Orion.  There are many ongoing unmanned programs.

Rebecca Holmes

(published on 01/12/2015)

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