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Q & A: Equations for quantum gravity

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Most recent answer: 11/25/2014
My question may be very stupid as I'm not well acquainted with the knowledge of quantum gravity, but, I was curious to know if anyone has tried finding time evolution equations for gravity. And if yes, how do those equations look like?
- Anshika (age 21)
Bangalore, India

Hello Anshika,

The equations for 'classical' gravity were worked out in 1916 by Albert Einstein.   They are fairly straightforward and give solutions similar to those of electromagnetism.  See .

The addition of general relativity to quantum field theory is an unsolved problem.  There are too many infinities involved that you can't get rid of.  It is likely that some new theory will have to be developed.  See .



(published on 11/25/2014)

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