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Q & A: Weird space drives that won't work

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Most recent answer: 11/18/2014
How plausible is the type of purpulsion used in star trek. Is the Matter to Anti-Matter annihilation reaction a thing of science fiction or is it actually possible. Also, what other options are we looking at for space engines. I've heard of the "impossible drive," but I dont have an understanding of how and why it wirks (It is the "impossible" drive after all) Thanks, Will
- Will Winston (age 14)
Texas, U.S.

Hi Will,

A matter-antimatter drive would in principle work but the problem is where do you get enough antimatter and, worse, how do you store it?   It would immediately interact with the storage vessel and destroy it.  

The so-called "impossible" drive is a bunch of baloney.  It violates several cherished conservation laws, for example, conservation of momentum.  



(published on 11/18/2014)

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