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Q & A: A ceiling fan gone wild

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Most recent answer: 10/18/2014
a common ceiling fan is usually hanged by mean of a metal rod right! what if we replace the rod by a rubber?i mean if we hang it by mean of a rubber and when we start the fan then what will happen to the length of the rubber? and the acceleration position? and when we switch the fan off than what will happen?
- imtiaz (age 18)

Hi Imtiaz,

What would happen?    Complete chaos!

A ceiling fan held by a rigid rod essentially has one degree of freedom.  The  only thing it can do is to rotate the blade.  If you replace the rod by a rubber suspension all degrees of freedom are available:  rotation, vertical and horizontal.   The fan will bounce up and down, swing from side to side, and twist chaotically.



(published on 10/18/2014)

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