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Q & A: boson antiparticles

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Most recent answer: 09/06/2014
Professor Geoff Taylor says that bosons are not their own ati partcile but I learned that every particle has his own anti particle and that that was proven by several experiments. Is it even possible for a particle to not have his own anti particle? I am not quoting him, what he literally said is in this short article
- Antoine Bergen (age 19)
The hague Netherlands

Some bosons, like photons, are their own antiparticles. Others, like say a deuterium nucleus, are not. There is always some type of antiparticle for every particle. Otherwise relativity would break down. That realization is what first drove Dirac to propose antiparticles.

Mike W.

(published on 09/06/2014)

Follow-up on this answer.