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Q & A: kicking eggs

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Most recent answer: 08/14/2014
It's definitely not a homework question. Since I was 7 and dropped an egg I've been kicking things that fall. At first I figured I could use my foot to break the fall of the egg. It sort of worked. the egg rolled safely across the floor and broke under the fridge. I always intend to just break the fall of the object but invariably end up kicking it a little bit too. So, my question is: To kick or not to kick? Does the (relatively) soft impact with my shoe and the direction change actually do anything to reduce impact trauma or is this a habit I should try to break? I think I have saved a couple of cell phones doing this but not sure.
- Channel (age 47)
Glen Burnie, Maryland, USA

I can't think of any way that the sideways kick would help to soften the blow. In fact, it adds a little sideways force to the upward force, making a little larger net force. Then there's the other problem- eggs breaking under the fridge, instead of somehwere easier to clean up. Still, that's a pretty neat trick you've got.

Mike W.

(published on 08/14/2014)

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