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Q & A: Differences in baseball bats

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Most recent answer: 05/06/2014
I'm a youth baseball coach and its been a long time since I've had Physics class. What is the difference created in bat speed or ball speed or power generated in a baseball bat that is 29 inches long weighing 19 oz. versus a bat 31 inches long weighing 19 oz. ? They both weigh the same but our league is only allowing us to use (-10) bats like the first example versus (-12 weight bat) like the second bat example. Please help me understand this.
- Brad Krueger (age 43)
Marion, IA

Hello Brad,

I asked my baseball guru Professor Nathan about your question and here is his answer:

With more details, one could do a real calculation.  However, based on what you told me, the likelihood is that the ball will be hit a little bit harder with the longer bat (meaning higher batted ball speed, taking everything into account).

I think what he needs to know is the mass distribution along the length of the bat, for example, is it thicker at the end or thinner. 



(published on 05/06/2014)

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