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Q & A: Rock trajectory

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Most recent answer: 04/13/2014
Ok Physics question.. A dump truck shattered my moonroof with rocks coming from the top of the dump truck. They are saying the rock had to be kicked from another vehicle...go over my moonroof guard and shatter my moonroof. Is this physically "physics"-cally possible? Please advise.
- Brett Novick (age 43)

Dear Mr. Novick,

The answer depends on so many variables that it is difficult to prove an answer one way or the other.  

For example:

  Relative and absolute speed of the two vehicles as well as the distance separating them.

  Height of the moon roof.

  Height and velocity of the rock's initial trajectory.

If I were you, I would let my insurance company make the argument.




(published on 04/13/2014)

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