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Q & A: The Archimedes experiment revisited

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Most recent answer: 03/18/2014
a partly filled beaker of water sits on a scale, and its weight is 2.3newton. when a piece of metal suspended from a thread is totally immersed in the beaker but not touching botton, the scale reads 2.75newton. what is the volume of the metal
- kamsus (age 28)
kumbotso, kano, Nigeria

Dear Kamsus,

The traditional Archimedes experiment was to determine the density of the King's crown.  He knew the weight by measuring it and determined the its volume by measuring the volume of water that was displaced.  In your case there are too many unknowns, the volume and density of the metal, the weight of the beaker, and the amount of water to begin with.     Too many unknowns;  not enough equations.



(published on 03/18/2014)

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