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Q & A: multiple time dimensions

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Most recent answer: 10/30/2013
In string theory I keep hearing about such things as 10 dimensions of space and 1 dimension in time and that the dimensions in space that we don't know of are packed in an area too small to be aware of. Why can't there be multiple dimensions in time since we can watch left and right up and down as well as forward and behind and we assume that because we only experience time in one direction; that's all there is. It seems multiple time dimensions would make for a more logical and accessible universe.
- Jim Collins (age 50)
Wilmington DE,USA

I don't quite follow your argument about why everything would make more sense with multiple time dimensions. Nevertheless, there are some suggestions that a new physics could be constructed with more than one time dimension. One idea is mentioned here: Another is discussed in an unpublished Arxiv article: It's all way over my head.

Mike W.

(published on 10/30/2013)

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