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Q & A: Fundamental differences between matter and energy

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Most recent answer: 06/05/2013
What is the fundamental difference between matter & Energy? Is it-(a)matter is cycled through ecosystems;energy is not (b) Energy is cycled through ecosystems;matter is not (c)Energy can be converted into matter;matter cannot be converted into energy (d)Matter can be converted into energy;energy cannot be converted into matter
- Michael Lalramliana (age 36)
Aizawl,Mizoram, India


The answer to your question is 'None of the Above'.

Both matter and energy can be cycled through ecosystems.  For example plants can absorb water from the soil. They can absorb energy from the sun's rays.  Decaying plants can become part of the soil.  Energy can be recycled ad infinitum.

Both matter and other types of energy can be converted from one to another.  For example radioactive nucleii can decay transforming the rest-mass of matter into other types of energy.  Two energetic photons, energy in its purest form, can collide and produce an electron-positron pair, pure matter.




(published on 06/05/2013)

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