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Q & A: Using entanglement to measure light's speed

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Most recent answer: 04/02/2013
Could quantum entanglement eventually be used to create synchronised 'clocks' to finally measure one-way light speed? Thanks,
- dan (age 24)
guildford, uk

Hi Dan,

I'm afraid not. Quantum field theory is entirely relativistic, so you can't use it to circumvent a relativistic constraint.

Actually, quantum entanglement doesn't allow for the exchange of any information at speeds faster than light-speed, so it can't give us a way to synchronize distant clocks. Entanglement does allow for particles to interact instantaneously, but only in a unique sort of way that doesn't allow you to gain any information faster than light could have carried it.

David Schmid

(published on 04/02/2013)

Follow-up on this answer.