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Q & A: falling furniture

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Most recent answer: 04/01/2013
If a 100kg T.V drops on my hand from a 500m drop, will it do the same damage as wardrobe 5 times larger in surface area and same weight, dropping from the same height?
- ethan (age 11)
You don't mention your address, but somehow this sounds like it must be from Seinfeld's block in NY.

The bigger surface area of the wardrobe would cause it to fall slightly slower. The difference wouldn't be enough to save your hand. Shortly after hitting your hand, the tv or the wardrobe would hit the ground and send  sharp pieces flying everywhere at high velocity. On a sitcom, perhaps you'd survive. In real life, it doesn't seem so likely.

Mike W.

(published on 04/01/2013)

Follow-up on this answer.