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Q & A: neutron star- black hole collision

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Most recent answer: 05/31/2018
What happens when a neutron Star collides (or falls into) a black hole? I ask because there has been documentaries on two neutron Stars colliding and it�s effects, black holes merging and it�s effects, but I�ve yet to hear what might happen (theoretically) when an object of nearly infinite density encounters an object with sufficient mass to have suffered gravitational collapse?
- Chris (age 40)
Wells, ME, York

A reasonable guess would be that the gravitational waves coming off would be similar to those of collisions of two neutron stars or two black holes. People who actually have run computer model simulations of these collsions say that this is indeed what to expect, waves a little weaker than from a collision of two black holes. See

Mike W.

(published on 05/31/2018)

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