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Q & A: absolute rest?

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Most recent answer: 12/14/2012
According to the 2nd postulate of special relativity, the speed of light is constant and absolute for any frame of reference. Then suppose from a point, speed of light is measured as 'c' (and not 'c-v' or'c+v') along any axes. Under such condition, that point would be at absolute rest with respect to framework of the universe! Am I correct?
- Ujan Chakraborty (age 15)
Kolkata,West Bengal, India
Your question assumes that the universe has a "framework" and that it means something to say whether we're moving with respect to that framework. To the best of our knowledge in current physics, that's false.  We can say whether we're moving with respect to the average of all the stuff in our vicinity, but the same laws of physics work regardless of who you say is at rest. We call this lack of a special framework the principle of relativity.

Mike W. with ....

(published on 12/14/2012)

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